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Dancer, choreographer and teacher, born in Slovakia, she studied in the Academy of performing Arts in Bratislava (1995-2000) and in the Dance department of the University Paris 8. For many years she has been practising Tai-Chi-Chuan, Contact improvisation and Body Mind Centering. Since 2001 she has been based in Paris.

She collaborated with divers choreographers in Slovakia (Anna Sedlackova, Studio Tanca, Milan Kozanek, Kata Mojzisova, Marta Polakova...), in Czech republic (co Dejadonné – Simone Sandroni, co Duwadance), in France (co. Kubilai Khan Investigations, co Petite Fabrique, Laurent Goldring, Faustin Linyekula…), in Belgium (Karine Ponties - co Dame de pic, David Hernandez, Lise Duclaux).

She taught in France and abroad:
Paris (Ménagerie de verre, Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis, Canaldanse, Micadanses), CCN and University of Orléans, Le Pacifique – CDC de Grenoble, CESMD Poitou Charentes, Bellac (Centre l’Arhea – mentally handicapped people), TPE Bezons, Brussels (Espace catastrophe, Laster studio, Danse centrum Jette), Prague (ProArt, Dance perfekt, Druna), Brno, Slovakia (National conservatory, Lab1, Elledanse), Vietnam (National conservatory), Congo (Dance studio Kabako), Riga (Latvian academy of culture) …

In 2007 she founded the Company E7KA, based in region Centre / France, and created the performances : Alzbeta Hlucha (2007), Alzbeta (2008), Ivanuska (2009), Touch.ed (2011), the diptych MOVE / (2014), with collaboration of Laurent Goldring "Ouvrir le temps (the perception of)" (2016) and PURE (2017) presented in France, Belgium, Slovakia, Czech republic, Germany, Slovenia, Latvia and Hong Kong.



At eleven, first revelation – everything is in everything.  
At sixteen, he dances with a broom. 
During a few years he shared these fundamental principles with the choreographer Fred Werlé (compagny Iritis) J’aimerais savoir ce que tu me dis en me regardant, La Diplopie, La Kermesse Héroique. Next collaboration was with Catherine Carrot Notre race n’aime pas la musique, piece inspired by F. Kafka, using the music of Fauré, Satie, Poulenc, Ravel. Right now he is working as a performer in collaboration with 2 musical groups:
- CongoPunq with Cyril Atef (co-founder of the group Bumcello), concerts in Banlieue bleue (Villepant as a first.part of Archi chep), the International (Paris), the Batofar (Paris), Le Plan (Ris orangis)...
- Musique Post-Bourgeoise (Galerie Anne de Villepoix, during the Nuit Blanche in Paris).
In March 2007, during the residency in the theatre du Chaudron (Cartoucherie), he made the creation l’Heure bleue with A. Tadei and M. Viard, researching the mixing of visual art and singing. He collaborates regularly with the choreographer Eva Klimackova, in 2008 “Alzbeta” (presented in France, Slovakia and Slovenia) and in 2009 “Ivanuska”.




Visual artist born in France. After studying biology and anthropology in Paris he followed his education in the Academy of visual arts “Beaux-Arts” in Cergy-Pontoise. He developed his sense of the volume and composition while working as a decorator in the Opera Bastille in Paris. His motorised installations embody fanciful stories, which turn into poetical derision our relation to the nature and the world.
Expositions 1992-2008 :
Scope Art-fair London, MAC-Paris 2007 and 2008, Biennale of contemporary art in Cachan (92), Salon «SM’ART» in Aix en Provence, «Accroche-toi au pinceau» (Rennes), Galerie Jakez in Pont-aven, Printemps de la poésie in Vannes (56), Biennale contemporary art in BAKOU, Symposium «armée-virtuelle» in Ushguli (Georgia), «Obsession» with Nana Gregory in the Ciac of Pont-aven, «machines désirantes» with Estelle Courtois in the Centre international of contemporary art in Pont-Aven, «Inattendus» (Paris), symposium of land-art in Georgia, festival of Cornouaille in Quimper, symposium of land art in the Caspian see (Azerbaijan), «Retour de Guyane» exposition of encre and tissage (Paris), Creation of the park of sculptures in the forest of Brazil, exposition of air mobiles and girouettes in Chartres, «la maison de l’acteur» in Montrouge, Courtcircuit – exposition in the Park floral of Vincennes, «secrets d’alcôves» with Ariane Roulier.....




Improvisator and composer, searching for a new sounds, he develops his instrumental practice around : electric  guitar, microphones, percussions (objects amplified or not), pick-up of guitar or acoustic walkman.
He made concerts in Europe, Canada, Japan, Asia…. with Jean-Luc Guionnet, Thierry Madiot, Seijiro Murayama, Thomas Lehn, Martin Tétreault… He joints his sound universe to other art fields like: dance with Maki Watanabe... to visual art :video with Kamel Maad, light with Christophe Cardoen, sculpture with Denis Tricot, sound drawings..... or to the touch ( sound massages).