After being trained to the stained-glass jobs in Cahors then in Nancy in the CERFAV (Centre Européen de Recherches et de Formation aux Arts Verriers), he studied from 1997 to 2002 at The Fine Arts of Cherbourg and Marseille.
In 1998 he discovered the contemporary dance and the somatic technics of the movement, and joined in 1999 the European Dance Development Centre (EDDC) in Arnhem (Nederlands).
Since he worked as dancer and performer with Christopher Haleb’s La Zouze Company (1999-2003), the Skalen Collective (2004-2008), the choreographer Rosalind Crisp (2004), Serge Ricci’s Mi-octobre Company (2000-2012), Sylvie Le Quéré’s Grégoire & Co Company (2009-2010), Françoise Tartinville’s Hatmen Company (2012), Delphine Caron’s Point Zéro Company (2014), Stephan Thiersch’s Mouvoir Company in Germany (2013-2019), Christian and François ben Aïm (2016-2018), Christian Rizzo (2013-2018), Eva Klimackova (2018-2020).