Choreography :  Eva Klimackova
Dance : Eva Klimackova, Leandro Villavicencio
Live music / Composition :  Nina Rosa
Extern eye : Damien Manivel
Lights :  Yann Le Bras

Production :  Compagnie E7KA, La Belle Orange
Coproduction :
  Micadanses / Paris, Région Centre – Val de Loire/ Conventionnement 2022-2023, CCN de Tours (accueil studio 2023), Fonds 108 °F Orléans, Telocvicna / Plast – Bratislavsky kraj, DRAC – Centre Val de Loire (Aide au projet 2023), l’Institut slovaque de Paris
With the support of :
 Ménagerie de verre dans le cadre de StudioLab Paris, CCN d’Orléans – direction Maud le Pladec


“INVISIBLE MIGRATIONS”                                                                                                                                                          
Creation 2023, Invisible migrations, explores a movement vocabulary and questions related to the state of being out of balance, state of divers possible migrations (geographical, political, emotional, social, gender, personal migrations …). Exploring what pushes us beyond our limits, borders, out of our axes, out of our comfortable zone ? Playing with the state of “out of balance” and breaking the movement stereotypes allows us to change our perspective and point of view; it opens the scale of our sensory perceptions and open up our attention to the surrounding spaces and communities. That’s the starting point for the research of Invisible migrations.