MELTING TIMES (creation 2020)

Choreography : Eva Klimackova
in collaboration with Laurent Goldring
Dance : Eva Klimackova
Lights : Yann le Bras
Duration : 35 minutes
Production : Compagnie E7KA, La Belle Orange
Coproduction : Région Centre – Val de Loire / Conventionnement 2020, Goldring productions / Paris
With the support of : Dom Kultury Myjava, Slovaquie / prêts de studio, CND Pantin / prêts de studio, Ménagerie de verre Paris / StudioLAB
« Melting times » is a dance performance which explores the constraint of a body placed in a very narrow space of one corner. The body becomes a part of the corner, it incorporates this limited space to find the solutions and develop its own very particular vocabulary and strategies. Using the support of both walls, entering the angle, using own body as a support to push and to shift the weight gives a multiples possibility of coordinations and opens the imaginary. While accepting these limitations, using very physical pushing and delaying body to the various positions, the imaginary and memories starts to reveal images and reminds cheerfully the Kafka’s Metamorphosis atmosphere.