Nicola VACCA

Born in Sardinia, Nicola started his own artistic way in Cagliari, his hometown. Then he studied in Florence and Madrid, where he got a diploma at the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza Mariemma (specific degree in contemporary dance). He was rewarded by the city of Madrid – Premio Extraordinario de Danza.

Nicolas live in Paris since 2013 and has been dancer for numerous artistic projects and companies, especially for Claudia Martins and Rafael Carriço (Vortice Dance Company), Alex Sander dos Santos (LD’A Company – Linea D’Aria), Laura Scozzi, Carole Bordes (Emoi Company). In 2016 he stars working with Eva Klimackova (Cie E7KA) for her creation “PURE”. Nicola goes on dancing in whole France and Europe as a performer.