OPEN LABORATORY – project of performances created for the Cialo Umysl Festival, 16th of October 2021 in Warsaw, Poland.

“Open laboratory”  invites 3 choreographers Eva Klimackova (France/Slovakia), Aleksandra Bozek – Muszynska (Poland) and Iwona Olszowska (Poland) to collaborate for 5 days laboratory and revisite the main themes and issues of the last 20 years of the Festival Cialo Umysl as a documentary exploration. Re-exploring the questioning of the different editions of the festival, some themes of performances which were played in the festival or main themes and choices of the festival. Revisiting the history of the festival since last 20 years with the point of vieux of today’s situation and current choreographical, social and political differences and propositions. The result of this exchanges and explorations between the choreographers will be showed as a laboratory which can take a form of an PERFORMANCE SCORE using : movement research, improvisation settings, discussions, writings, photos, dialogs between different choreographers.