MANIFESTE (creation 2022 – in a public space)

Concept / dance : Eva Klimackova
Performance : Constantin Leu
Production : Cie E7KA
With the support of : « Projet soutenu par la ZEF – Zone d’Expérimentation Facilitée, un projet de la Ktha compagnie».

“Manifeste” is a choreographic project to embellish abandoned corners, without fonction, in order to raise awareness and reveal – perhaps – new urban or héritage territories. A project as much artistic as urbanistic, which takes the form of a dance solo in 1 corner (or few successive solos in few corners) on the territory of 1 district and this offers a new look at the empty, ugly and abandoned corners; urban spaces not usually used, which have no fonction, which are interstices, anomalies. In order to suspend the time and bring a poetry into everyday life, via a dance solo, which inhabits this usually invisible spaces. With the underlying idea of seizing these unused spaces and transforming them into the places of expression, or very simply just making them more beautiful.